Reverend Neng Soon Pang (彭能顺牧师)

Rev Pang is the minister-in-charge of City Light Methodist Church from 2018. Studied at Trinity Theological College, Singapore. Commenced full-time ministry in 1992 at the Methodist Church in Malaysia. He transferred his Eldership to Chinese Methodist Church in Australia in 2013. Wife: Siew Chuo Sii, Daughter: Charis, Son: Peter. 沐恩堂主理为彭能顺牧师。彭牧师是一位资深的长牧。他于1992年从新加坡三一神学院毕业后就一直在马来西亚卫理公会牧会。彭牧师于2013年转会到澳洲华人卫理公会牧会。